Our quality process starts before the order is placed. In fact, it starts from the moment when you contact us to enquire about Hettly products. It is our commitment to answer your questions and to clarify your doubts in a promptly manner.

Quality Titanium Bikes

Quality is our passion, it is what drives us and after formally placing your order in our system a unique number is assigned to it, strict controls are in place from start to end ensuring that our customer’s expectations are covered in full, on time and within specifications. If you are unsure about the specs of our products or how the customisation process works we are here to guide you through the entire journey, our aim is not just to sell bikes, we want to build a community that loves their bikes in the same way we do and more precisely a community that enjoys and appreciate those special places and moments where only bikes can take us.

In a snapshot this is how we do things at Hettly

1. Understanding what you want.
2. Working hard to give you the best ideas.
3. Ensuring that what we think is actually what you want.
4. Building your gear.
5. Making sure that everything goes as planned.
6. Making it look good for you.
7. Packaging and shipping the goods to their new home.

Traceability of Hettly products

A guarantee of quality, the keyword for our products is: traceability. If you find a little label attached to your Hettly product, don’t remove it. It is there to provide you with a guarantee that in the event of the ascertained defectiveness of a production batch your frame or wheel will be traceable.

All this because, faithful to its mission, Hettly demands absolute perfection and safety for its customers.

quality process