Hettly Bikes is a company that prides itself on the relationship we develop with the customer. Whether you like hitting the dirt trails or the fast roads. Whether you race XC series or just get out on the weekends with your mates. At the end we all have one thing in common, we all ride; and because we all ride, we understand what a rider needs and wants out of a bike.

At Hettly our aim is to provide you with the perfect ride to suit your style. After 25 years of racing and riding bikes across Australia and overseas, we understand the connection with the sport and other riders. It was that connection and passion for the bikes; and the sense of riding community that motivated us to start Hettly.

Whether you ride Mountain, Road, Touring or Special, our Custom Titanium Frames & Components together with our Carbon Wheels will give you a smooth and comfortable ride and precise handling, enhancing your riding experience.

Hettly’s commitment to supply quality products is supported by the combination of our riding experience and engineering background. Our Team has a permanent focus on improving our procedures, quality assurance and design to meet the highest standards and deliver a great and unique customer experience.